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Real Time with … NEPCON CHINA

2009-04-24 16:24

Presented by EMS007

Event: NEPCON / EMT China 2009
Date: 21 April 2009 to 24 April 2009
Location: Shanghai, China
Description: NEPCON China is one of the largest and longest running trading and sourcing platforms for the SMT industry in China. It features a comprehensive range of innovative SMT products and technology and brings the entire world of SMT to your door step. NEPCON China provides a platform to source new suppliers, gather up to date market information and learn about the latest technologies.

Interview with WKK, Hamed El-Abd
Has the Chinese EMS Market Hit Bottom?
There’s no doubt that capital equipment vendors have been hit hard during this recession. Many are simply trying to survive during the first Chinese electronics industry recession. WKK Distribution President Hamed El-Abd gives his opinion of what’s going on inside the Chinese market and whether or not it has ready to rebound.